It is the turn of tuning our skin

To receive all the sun and vitamins that summer offers us!

The exfoliation is a basic and indispensable care to show a smooth and satiny skin. In normal skin this natural process lasts about five weeks but over the years the cell renewal process slows down, so the skin needs a little help to regenerate. Due to its renovating effect, the exfoliation visibly transforms the texture of the skin, giving it a more radiant, fresh and youthful appearance.

By removing dead cells that clog the surface, the skin is much more receptive to receive the active ingredients of any product or absorb vitamins. Hence the importance of performing several body scrubs for the summer. In addition, this beauty ritual is ideal for those who use self-tanning creams and before a blowtorch because it prevents the cream from being applied badly with welts. It is the perfect trick to wear a magic tan.

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